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Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB).

A new tax-free allowance was announced in the Summer Budget 2015 (the Residence Nil Rate Band) that will take effect on or after 6th April 2017.  Downsizing provisions have yet to be finalised.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding this new allowance - please call or view our website pages (not yet updated) for further information - including:

  • everyone has a new allowance of £1M;
  • everyone can pass their home free of tax to their children

You may not get the full allowance (or double the allowance) if:

  1. your estate exceeds £2M
  2. you rent property
  3. you don't leave your property (or proceeds of sale) to the right qualifying people and in the right manner
  4. you are unmarried


About Cornerstone Wills

Expert Will-Writing and Estate Planning Services


Since 2003 Cornerstone Wills has been providing expert & detailed advice and guidance on will-writing, estate/tax planning and estate administration to families, business owners and financial advisers all over England & Wales (in particular the city, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey).

The Cornerstone Service

When considering a document as important as a Will, you want to be certain that its contents reflect your wishes and that matters can be settled quickly and easily for your family. You want to commission a reliable Will writer who keeps the process simple, guides you through the legal and taxation minefield and ensures your beneficiaries receive their full inheritance. 


Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

We specialise in Will Writing and estate planning; unlike most solicitors, writing Wills is our full-time profession. Cornerstone Will Writers are professionally trained and qualified through both the Society of Trust  & Estate Practitioners (STEP) Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation and the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planners and Practitioners (SWWEPP) diploma.

The Society of Will Writers

No matter how complex your estate, whatever the intricacies of your family situation, whether you are in business or own property abroad, we will have come across similar circumstances before.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and regularly refreshing our knowledge as tax regulations and government guidelines change, means that we can lessen or even eliminate the obligation for your beneficiaries to pay Inheritance Tax on your estate.


Trust & Seccurity Network

We are founder members of Trust and Security (TAS), a nationwide network of elite Will Writers providing legal support and referral work throughout the UK.  It is a non-profit organisation working to protect the public by advancing educational and ethical standards within the Will writing profession.

Our clients trust us to provide solutions to all their estate planning needs that over 5% of our business is from client referrals.


Will writing is sometimes made to appear more complicated and time consuming than necessary. We make it simple by:

  • Arranging a meeting in the privacy of our office at a time that suits you. If this is inconvenient, we can usually arrange to visit you at your home or office;
  • Talking through the process in plain English, clearly explaining your options and the decisions you need to take;
  • Translating any perplexing language that is a legal necessity of your final documents; and
  • Providing a fast and flexible service that is able to facilitate urgent requests.

What to do next...

Please contact us now to discuss your Will and estate planning needs.