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The Finance Bill Receives Royal Assent.

On 21 March, the Chancellor released details of the Government’s proposed Budget changes which included a significant number of tax changes.  The Finance Bill was granted Royal Assent on 17 July and is now effective.

The Business Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Appointing a trusted representative to deal with your business affairs

Dealing with money and paperwork can be difficult if you become unable to manage your personal affairs for any reason, and in ill health it may be impossible.  The same can be equally said if you are a business owner.

Before that happens it might be easier to appoint a trusted representative – known as an Attorney – who can look after your personal finances and welfare for you should the situation arise. It is arguably more important that this is done for your business.

The Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA is a legal document which allows you to do this. If required you are able to have an LPA that deals with your personal affairs and another dealing with your business affairs.

Please click here for details on the Lasting Power of Attorney.