4 Key Things To Look For In An Excellent Will Writing Service

4 Key Things To Look For In An Excellent Will Writing Service

Will writing is a deeply personal business. You’ll need to find just the right provider for your needs, budget, and estate if you want to put together a legally airtight, precise and Inheritance Tax efficient document that outlines what you want to happen to your money, holdings, and assets once you’ve moved on.

Thankfully, there are obvious signs of excellence that quickly distinguish professional will writing companies from the rest. You can find out if your candidate displays these from past reviews, general reputation, and feedback from clients. Here’s what to look out for when you’re searching to hire a will writer.

1. Value For Money

Each quote made to you should reflect the complexity, length, additional agreements, and scale of your estate requirements needed to divide up the inheritance and make the arrangements you’ve outlined.

The fee should also reflect the legal expertise of the person writing it – more complex cases inevitably need a greater depth of input. Any surcharges made not linked to writing (such as will registration) should also be displayed to you upfront.

Beware of free Will writing services. Although free provision is a legitimate, legal practice (for example, for the incapacitated terminally ill), any free provider should be able to outline to you why they’re free, who vets them, and how they’re funding their Will writers.

2. Ease Of Use

How easy is it for you to liaise and work with Will writers and solicitors to get the results you need? Your Will writer should work closely with you to make sure you understand every step of the legal process and address any concerns or specific requirements you have. Good communication and open input is vital to creating a functional, focused, relevant Will. Will writing services should also be open to revisions and updates as your circumstances change.

3. Relevant Expertise

Matching the provider to your stage of life, accounts, and assets is also critical. If you’re looking to pass on a large or complex estate to a broad extended family, your needs will be very different to those with a limited, personal estate, and only a few beneficiaries. Many Will writers specialise in particular areas of inheritance law, such as trusts, power of attorney, or business inheritance. Ask your provider whether they can match the areas that you’re interested in covering in your Will.

4. Accountability And Legal Validity

How can you be absolutely sure that your new Will is legally binding? Has it been signed and witnessed correctly and has your Will-writer checked this for you? You should choose Will writers who have Professional Indemnity Insurance and ideally you should look at Will writers who are members of a regulatory body such as STEP, Society of Will Writers or the Institute of Professional Will Writers.

Will Writing From Cornerstone Wills

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