Updating Your Will

When should you update your Will

When Cornerstone draft your Will we try to cover all possible scenarios in order to make it as future-proof as possible.  However your situation may change in a way that you or we or your previous Will drafter hadn’t anticipated which may impact on your current Will.  A change may be required to your Will for any reason including one or more of the following:

  • Marriage (note that marriage or Civil Partnership revokes a previously drafted Will unless it is drawn up in contemplation of that event)
  • Divorce
  • A new partner/spouse/step-child(ren)
  • The arrival of children/grandchildren
  • An inheritance
  • A death in the family
  • A guardian, executor, trustee or beneficiary is no longer appropriate
  • You now wish to make specific or monetary gifts to family, friends or charities
  • A more comprehensive Will to guard against long term care, inheritance tax or (re)marriage of your partner/spouse once you’ve gone is now required.

Please contact us to update your Will, quoting your Will reference number (if drafted by us) which can be found either at the top or bottom of the final pages of the Will (the Directory of Names and Addresses) or on our covering letter.  Please note that it does not matter that the Will wasn’t initially drafted by us.

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